What do I need to know before I attend a class?

If you are wishing to attend for the first time, return after a break or check on availability, please give me a call in advance.

Move it or Lose it! 
It may sound like a cliché but if we don’t move it, we are likely to lose it!  These classes are made up of low impact and low intensity routines, designed to get you moving around to maintain good balance, co-ordination, flexibility and stamina.  As well as the moving to music routines, we use resistance bands, gym balls and light dumb bells for the strength section of the class.  All done to a great playlist of music from the past few decades, you’ll have trouble keeping still!
Move it or Lose it! £5.00 per class
For more information visit Move it or Lose it!

Flexibility, Aerobic, Balance, Strength.  Developed by Move it or Lose it! this class is designed for those with less mobility but the desire to keep moving!  This class offers seated, standing with support and free-standing exercises and has been designed to improve mobility, strength, confidence and independence.  All done to a background of great tunes, you may find yourself singing along too!
FABS £4.00 per class
For more information visit Move it or Lose it!

FitSteps & Beginners FitSteps
If you are a fan of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ then you’ll love this!  FitSteps is an exercise to music class with a difference where you’ll learn the basics of a Cha Cha Cha, a Jive, a Waltz and many more.  The collaboration between ‘Strictly’ professionals Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite and swimmer Mark Foster brought about this fab-u-lous and fun format for a dance-exercise class.  We’ll be dancing to traditional and contemporary music across different tempos and you need don’t need a partner or any dance experience to enjoy this workout!  The NEW Beginners FitSteps on a Tuesday is a lower impact and slower paced version of our Wednesday class – perfect for beginners!
FitSteps £5.00 per class
For more information visit FitSteps

I haven’t done exercise for a while or I am returning after a break, which class would be best for me?
This depends on what type of class you are looking for or what you are trying to achieve. FitSteps is the most energetic and vigorous class; we’ll move around using impact and larger movements, increase the heart rate, breathe harder and perhaps break a sweat too!  Move it or Lose it! is at a more moderate pace with lower intensity moves and less impact.  The moving to music section takes up half of the class, followed by the standing strength section. Being a mainly seated class, FABS has very little impact, low intensity moves and overall at a slower pace.  Those concerned about balance or proprioception would find this class a good place to start.
*Your Instructor will offer adaptations and alternatives particularly at first, whilst you are learning or perhaps just not feeling at your best.

What should I expect at my first class?
Hopefully a nice warm welcome and it’s always a good idea to make contact before coming along for the first time and then we’ll know to expect you.  Best not to eat too near the start of a class, perhaps a snack and a drink an hour or so before.  Please arrive 15mins before the start time, as you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire – this is only to be used in an emergency and will be kept strictly confidential and safely by your Instructor. If you are asthmatic, do remember your inhaler.  This advice is simply practical and for your safety, please don’t let it stop you from joining us!  We have a lovely, friendly and happy environment across all the classes, so do come and sample it for yourself.

How do I pay?
The classes are PAYG ‘pay as you go’ on the day and at the start of the class.  The prices are described above and on the Classes page.  There is no membership or course commitment to pay.  Participants will be advised well in advance of any price increases. Membership only applies to Forever Active classes.

How does the Loyalty Card work?
You will be given a Loyalty Card at your first class, keep it safe and bring it to each class to be dated.  When you have filled nine boxes then present your card at your next class and you will not be charged.  On completion of a Loyalty Card, you will be given a new one to start over again.  See it as a discount for regular attendance and a ‘Thank You’ for your loyalty.  Loyalty Cards do not apply to Forever Active classes.

What should I wear to a Move it or Lose it! or a FitSteps class?
We’re not bothered about fashion, so dress for comfort and ease of movement.   Many will wear jogger bottoms and t-shirts and some sport gym wear but you can leave the headband and leg warmers at home!  Comfortable, full toed shoes are advisable – a light trainer or similar, something which will give you support and cushioning.  Many of the venues are air-conditioned or well ventilated, however you may want to bring a small towel particularly in warmer weather.  Remember to bring a small bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

What should I wear to a FABS class?
Most people wear casual and loose clothing, perhaps a couple of layers incase you get too warm.  Comfortable, full toed shoes are advisable – a light trainer or similar, something which will give you support.  Many of the venues are air-conditioned or well ventilated and you should feel comfortable, however do remember to bring a small bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

Where can I get more information about exercise and physical activity?
Please check the ‘Fitness Tips’ tab on each page for regular updates on how to keep active, keep dancing and keep fit!